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A crowed child

As parents and as teachers, we want our children to grow with good moral values, statutes, and virtues. We are guiding them to become a person of empathy and sympathy, teaching them to be polite, respectful, and be an honourable person. Most of the time children learn how to honor people by the direction coming from the adults this includes parents and god parents and teachers in school.

When we do this with love, they honor us and become best versions of themselves. But how do we effectively teach and influence our kids to become honourable people? Here are three principles we can apply as adults:

1. Balance the use of Discipline and Motivation – Too much of everything is not good and this applies to how we raise our child. Sometimes we have to be tough on them to help them see the right path. We need to acknowledge their small achievements especially when they worked hard for it. This combination would greatly help them pave their way to success in whatever they want to achieve.

2. Do what is Right and not what is Easy – children especially in their learning age tend to ask questions. Always curious about everything. When they experience something, whether it is an emotional struggle, curious question, psychomotor endeavour, and the likes, do not treat it as a small thing because what is easy and small thing for us is a difficult and hard thing for them. It may be easy to just show them the easiest path but it is not right in the sense that we might be robbing them the opportunity to learn through experience.

3. Teach by Showing and Learn by Doing – to teach our children honor, we ourselves must be able to show it. I remember in one of the commercials I used to see when I was a child about protecting children from abuse they quote “everything is right in the eyes of a child”. I agree with this quotation. Another thing is we can still learn from them. As we age continuously, we mostly forget the exact feelings our kids are going through compared to when we experienced it. Honouring their struggles would still teach us a lot. So we can teach them by showing it to them and they can learn by doing it in the same way, they can make us understand what exactly they are going through by showing it us and we can identify with them if we do it, or find ways to understand it.

Here in STEPS we honour our kids so they can grow up to be someone that honors other people too. We let them enjoy the crowns of their experiences and see the good in every little thing and to develop love for learning.

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a crowned child   a crowned child

a crowned child   a crowned child

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