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A Room Full of Lights

“A Room Full of Lights”

STEPS Special School value its students’ uniqueness and diversity when it comes to the style of their learning. The school does not only stick to one method of learning but tailoring what will effectively meet the need of a child to grow and learn to the best that they can be.

In the previous articles, the school’s provided facilities for sensorial learning were featured and this time, a new area in the school was made to cater students need – the Lights Room.

What is a Lights Room?

Basically, the Lights Room is a room filled with different materials that produces light. The room itself is carefully and strategically installed with corn lights and luminous objects of different shapes. Comfortable bean bags and cushion pillows are placed inside. Glowing and lighting up toys are available for kids to play with.

Why build a Lights Room?

This room is part of the school’s advent for sensorial learning. It targets to reinforce sensory integration which most of the time the root cause of problems in development, information processing, and behavior. Building this room will help enhance the development of the students eye-hand coordination, focus and attention span. In this room, teachers and students have the leisure to calm down and relax when learning process come overwhelming.

The Lights room takes the transfer of learning in a different approach. In the article "5 Benefits of Multi-Sensory Environments" from the website Autism Journey they stated effects of building facilities like the Lights Room:

  1. Improve Focus
  2. Develop or Reactivate Senses
  3. Encourage Socialization
  4. Promote Cognitive Development
  5. Improve Motor Development

STEPS Special School is constantly developing both the facilities and curriculum to provide the best avenue for the students’ learning to take place. If you want your child to experience and grow in this special learning environment you might just found the right place.

For inquiries, you may visit the school’s website at or like their page in Facebook at or call the school’s hotline at

(028) 22 534 728 / 039 546 3532.


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