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Every Child is Special

Every Child is Special

Last April 5, 2019 STEPS Special School joined the whole world as it celebrates the “International Autism Awareness Month”. The school declared a half-day and spent a fun-filled time with parents and kids. Wonderkids Montessori Preschool were invited and added to the joy of the celebration. The whole event focused on three aspects that others may not be aware of but STEPS specifically prepared for best reasons which are: Place, People, and Program.

Every Child is Special

The Place

STEPS family decorated the school with simple but meaningful designs. Decorations that symbolizes why people in the school go extra mile for its beloved students. They are:

  1. The Color Blue – this color was popularized by Autism Speaks, a world renowned organization, to foster unity and oneness in celebrating uniqueness. The color also symbolizes peace and serenity.
  2. Different Colors – the school used other colors aside from blue to celebrate diversity and harmony. Everyone is unique. Everyone is special. They believe that we may be different from each other but when acknowledged and joined together, we all create a beautiful work of art.
  3. The Puzzle Piece – the puzzle piece symbolizes that is part of a bigger picture. We are all part of a great masterpiece and no one gets to be left behind.

The People

STEPS invited its students’ family and friends. Wonderkids Montessori Preschool, who is more of, a sister school to steps was invited as well so that socialization for both schools would take place. The joy of knowing that you are part of a bigger picture, that you play an important role in a bigger family makes one motivated both children and adults.

Every Child is Special

The Program

STEPS prepared a short but fun-filled program. Hoops relay were played having the STEPS Kids and Wonderkids mixed to create two groups, together they played with cooperation and collaboration. Face-painting was also done and the students loved putting on colors on their faces that would take them to be someone they wanted to be. The main highlight of the day was the BOUNCY CASTLE. The bouncy castle was chosen because of one, but most important thing, FUN. Kids loved it and seeing the smiles of the kids on that day just took away the hotness of the weather. Light snacks were served for kids and adults to enjoy. This is what family is all about, as they say, family is caring, caring is sharing.

Every Child is Special

Above all, STEPS honor everyone. This is the school’s way of giving back everything in all gratefulness that these unique kids were entrusted to them to be guided and become the best that they can be. If you want your kids to be brought up in this culture of love and care as family, you are more than welcome to this haven for wonderful unique kids.

For inquiries, you may visit the school’s website at or like their page in Facebook at

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