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Growing Stronger Together - Steps Special School

In STEPS Special School children are being taught and raised in the lens and culture of family. Honoring diversity, appreciating uniqueness, and fostering a sense of belongingness are the things that help the students in taking their steps to become the best versions of themselves. The law of education stating, “you cannot give what you do not have” is one of the best descriptions of how the teachers and staff cultivate the culture of family.

🚌🚌“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” was the theme of the school’s team building activity. It was held last March 27 – 29, 2019 at Phan Thiet, Vietnam. There the teachers did a lot of team building activities that involved following instructions, collaborating ideas, executing tasks both mental and physical, and learning to make decisions as one – as family. These activities empower teachers so they can empower students. They are gaining so they can give. The article The Benefits of Team Building states six (6) positive results of bringing people together, they are:
1. Improves productivity
2. Increases motivation
3. Increases collaboration
4. Encourages creativity
5. Positively reinforce
6. Improves communication

🥰🥰STEPS take pride in this culture of family. A culture suited for the growth and development of its students. Empowered teachers empowers students, what the teachers have they can give. If you have children who require support for special needs, you are more than welcome to the growing family of STEPS Special School.

For inquiries, you may visit the school’s website at or like their page in Facebook at STEPS Special School - Support Teach Encourage Person with Special Needs .

For more information about STEPS please contact STEPS International Special School

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