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Through outside activities, the child can experiment, solve problems, and think creatively. The exploration of natural elements is also important to capture children’s attention to the riches and diversity in nature. There are 4 benefits of kids playing outdoor:

1. Promotes social skills: Strengthening the language and communication interactions between young children who play together outside.

2.  Reduce stress: Increasing children’s exposure to green outdoor spaces (e.g. playground) could help decrease children’s stress levels by opening them an escape from life’s daily routine. The children found peace away from stresses in the classroom our daily life.

3. Increase awareness: outdoor activities are one of the best ways to become aware their physical environment.

4. Strengthen muscles in their body: When participating in outside activities such as swimming, pottery, picnic, visit the zoo, the kids have the opportunity to do a lot of physical activities, improve the muscles in their body.

However, most of parents are not enough time to play with their children. So what is the best solution for children? Let the children participating in the summer course, there always have teachers help the children. The course usually lasts 5 weeks with a lot of acitivities. Give it a try and enroll in our Summer Program.



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