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How does autistic children see the world?

How does autistic children see the world?

Autism is not a disease but a form of developmental disability throughout life. Due to disorders in the nervous system lead to brain damage, and as a result, children face numerous difficulties in their daily activities.

Have you ever wondered how autistic children feel when living in the same environment as a normal child? Try to feel it:

1. Autistic children have a narrower view than normal children

This leads them to focus on fewer points in the view. That is, in the same perspective, normal children will look and pay attention to many things, more positions than autistic children. Children with autism often focus on the center of their view whether or not things are there.

2. Autistic children only focus on some patterns or angles while a normal child can look at the whole thing.

Autistic children only see the most noticeable details in a photo, a view. While other children see the whole thing from details to coverage.

3. Autistic children are less focused and more attracted to faces.

Autistic children like to look at distorted faces rather than complete. The child's ability to communicate and eye contact is also very poor.

4. The ability to concentrate is higher than that of a normal child.

When autistic children see and are attracted to something, they will focus on that object only and does not change their gaze. While the average child can see more things, reduce the time focusing on one thing.

5. Autistic children hear more sounds at the same time than normal children.

Normal children can select sounds while listening, removing unnecessary sounds while children with autism always hear all sounds at the same time. That's why autistic children always feel overwhelmed, obsessed, and panicked.

With only 5 points, we have seen how autistic children see the world. Sad to say that autism can be relieved if properly intervened and educated but cannot be cured. It follows the child to adulthood.

Try to feel, understand these poor autistic children and help them to have more opportunities to integrate, enjoy a better and happier life.

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