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Let’s Go Swim

Let’s Go Swim


STEPS Special school value its students’ holistic growth and development. One of the most important facilities of the school is its swimming pool. Aside from the regular schedule of the students for swimming every Friday, special classes as well as after school sensory swimming program are offered. We believe that swimming helps in the development of learning supported in one article personally posted by a mom at the site “From Motherhood”. The observable effects of Sensory Swim are as follows:

1. Safety and Security – just like what was stated in her article, our school understands the fear of every parent of a child with special needs when it comes to safety. STEPS developed ways to teach children of the sensory swim which enables a child with special needs to learn swimming even without having to take the traditional swimming lessons.

Let’s Go Swim 2

2. Health and Relaxation – one of the best ways to calm students with special needs is exposing them to water. It strengthens the lungs but at the same time keeps them relaxed with the coolness or warmth of the water they’re submerged.

Let’s Go Swim 3

3. Motor Skills Refinement – sensory swimming helps the students to develop and refine motor skills. It creates an avenue for students to manage their strength if it is too much or to exert strength if they are learning to execute skills in gross motor.

Let’s Go Swim 4

4. Discipline and Confidence – swimming requires discipline. Routines, which are the first things children with special needs must learn is also discipline. As they acquire learning and applying discipline, confidence is being formed in them. This confidence will encourage and motivate them to do more until they have reached their full potentials.

Let’s Go Swim 5

STEPS value holistic growth and development. Programs paired with right facilities guarantee learning to all the students and provides avenue for the teachers to extend their creativity as well.

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