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Tet 2019 Celebration: STEPS Special School’s Milestone

Tet 2019 Celebration

STEPS Special School proudly celebrates the most important festival of the year in Vietnam which is Tet Nguyen Dan famously known as Tet. This vibrant festival is celebrated not only to express Vietnamese people’s respect for their ancestors but also to welcome the New Year together with their family members. But this year’s STEPS’ Tet celebration meant more than the usual reason why Vietnamese people celebrate it. Tet also marks the first milestone of the school’s journey towards providing a holistic haven for learning. The school officially moved last December 10, 2018 to our new, bigger and semi-green school campus. As a result, students became more enthusiastic and inclined to learn. These were the reasons why STEPS Special School sought to celebrate Tet highlighting these specific traditions in its program. The program included: 

Parade of the Teachers & Students – The parade was not only to mark the celebration but was also purposely held to honor everyone who played and will continually play an important part in every milestone STEPS Special School has taken and will take in the future – our loving and supportive parents, our dependable administrative staff, our active teachers and, of course, our dear students. Above all, it was an opportunity for the students not only to express love for the country but also to develop confidence, self-esteem and social skills, at the same time, to learn the virtue of gratitude. 

Dance Presentation – One of the main highlights of STEPS Special School’s Tet celebration was the dance presentation of the teachers and students to the song Ngày Tết Quê Em. The singing and dancing to the tune of the song resonate the beautiful message of having a blessed, prosperous, and peaceful new year with thousands of beautiful flowers smelling good and family gathering together. Students’ participation in the dance brought so much fun to them, to the parents and teachers and to everyone who has witnessed that splendid presentation. Most importantly, it developed their self-confidence, creative thinking skills, and value of self-discipline. It helped them learn invaluable social skills such as to take turns, to share attention and to cooperate and work with others in the group.

Dragon Dance – Another main highlight of the celebration was the dragon dance performed by STEPS Special School’s very own students from the upper level accompanied by their very energetic teachers. In the Vietnamese culture, the dragon dance is believed to bring good luck for the rest of the year. The dancers do not simply move the dragon but ensures to align and synchronize their body movements to the joyful beatings of the drum. To do that, it requires focus, attention and self-commitment. Despite the limited time and hectic class schedule of the students, they were able to successfully learn and execute the choreography with style and grace.

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