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what to do when children are less focused in learning

 what to do when children are less focused in learning


It is essential to help children to form a focused habit while studying. Because in all activities, children always need to focus in a certain period of time in order to be effective. If they are not trained to focus during their childhood, they will find it difficult to complete the task and it is difficult to avoid stressful pressures when having difficult problems that need more time to solve, etc. In the long term, poor concentration can take away your child's chances of success.


What causes children less focused in learning?

Help children focus on learning well

  1. Strengthen your child

Changing unhealthy living habits which lead to children's poor health, affecting children's learning by taking care of nutritious meals for them, giving them enough sleep, regularly doing physical exercises and sports, practicing concentration training exercises ...


  1. Flexible study planning

Children does not need studying only, they also need to play, need to develop many other aspects. Parents should not force their children to study for hours. Make small periods of brain-focused learning periods like learning 45 minutes of rest for 5 minutes or studying 90 minutes - 25 minutes off. Take note that the younger the child is, the shorter the focus time. In addition, useful breaks such as watching movies, reading books, mobilizing, etc. will not lead children boredom.


  1. Learn the causes and give your child solutions

Sometimes, children encounter physiological problems such as pressure, not understanding the lecture, anxiety... which cause distractions for them. Therefore, it is good to observe, listen to them to find out what difficulty that they are facing in order to help them as soon as possible.

  1. Specialized study program

Children with disorders such as mental retardation, attention reduction, and autism, etc. need a special learning program. Parents should take their children to specialized learning environments to be helped by special education teachers. Children still have many opportunities to integrate if detected and intervened early.

  1. Respect the child's ability

Each child has different learning ability, parents should not create too much pressure on the child, making them depressed. Encourage them, respect their abilities, and encourage them to try, not to ask too many questions.

Parents should not be too subjective when their children are less focused in learning when they reach school age. There are many reasons for poor concentration of children such as stemming from health, genetics, habits, etc. But whatever the cause, parents need to observe, recognize and support their child. Children practice learning habits from a young age will have more opportunities to succeed in their work and life. Do not underestimate this so-called small problem, as it affects both the future and the overall development of the child.

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