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When Will There Be A Harvest

When Will There Be A Harvest

One of the most common illustrations used by educators and people who are inclined to training and development is a tree. Just like a growing tree, learning acquisition requires the right amount of care to grow. It speaks of the importance of different factors that are relevant to the growth of the plant such as water and sunlight.

Children, whether with special needs or not, are like plants that are bound to become a tree one day. They need the right environment to grow. They need the right amount of sunlight and water bearing in mind that just as how plants are unique and requires special set ups to grow, our children needs different approaches to achieve one goal; it is to bring out the best of what they can be.

Plants that are to become trees go through a process of nurturing and a season of waiting. It is but for the right time to bear fruits, for a time of harvest. Just like a growing plant, students in STEPS are going through the same process of nurturing and with whole heart waiting for the students to reach the best of themselves; their own unique strengths and abilities, the fruit of their hard work for learning, to reach their own season of harvest.

How does the school incorporate the value of growth and learning? It is visible through the lifestyle of people in the school along with its semi-green environment. There planted different fruit bearing trees, the towering ones such as Mango, Banana, Bread Fruit, and Pomelo; small trees are also planted like, Lime, Calamondin, and Rose Apple.

At the moment, some trees are already in the season of bearing fruits. These trees are the Mango, Calamondin, and Rose Apple. In STEPS, children have the freedom to harvest the fruits of these trees themselves, of course those within their reach. This only includes small trees like Calamondin and Rose Apple. Fruit picking has great impact in developing positive behavior in a child. From the website Psychology Today, mentioned three healthy benefits of fruit picking, they are:
1. Motivation to Move – gross motor is one area of development that is very important for learning in development. Fruit picking excites the students since they will harvest the fruit they have long waited.
2. The Great Outdoors – doing activities outside associate greater feelings of energy, revitalization, enjoyment and positive engagement as well as greater decreases in tension, depression, anger and confusion.
3. Fruitful relationships – development of rapport and trust between the teacher and the student. The feeling of security that they are doing things right because an adult is guiding them.

Having a school that cultivates this kind of learning which combine the concept of nature and healthy lifestyle is a treasure for children with special needs. In STEPS special school, this culture is a lifestyle practiced since the school began. A child that goes to this school is guaranteed this kind of upbringing.

For inquiries, you may visit the school’s website at or like their page in Facebook at STEPS Special School - Support Teach Encourage Person with Special Needs or call the school’s hotline at (028) 22 534 728 / 039 546 3532.

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